Your personal dashboard:
the virtual passport for all your equipment.


Atirio Dashboard Quodoc

All equipment info is clear and searchable in one simple dashboard.

Each piece of technical equipment in a healthcare environment has a flow of data and documents behind it. Atirio makes all of this information (both data and documents) available via your personal dashboard.
For example, you can consult maintenance reports, certificates, and equipment history at a glance, as well as retrieve peripheral information such as maintenance date, status, etc.

Get all documents and information directly in your ERP or management software.

You can link all this info directly to your ERP or administration software.  Thanks to the serial number or your internal inventory number, we hold the unique key to exchange all available info on

All info is instantaneously available from the machine itself.

Optionally, all available equipment information is also available via a simple scan of the QR code or serial number on your machine.

Download Quodoc on your mobile device and use the same login details from your dashboard to use the app.


No access to your dashboard yet?

Contact our Customer Care Department. They’ll be happy to help you.

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