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Total relief from the complexities of technical maintenance of medical equipment. On a technical, digital, and administrative level.

Preventief onderhoud op medische apparatuur

Preventive maintenance

Each piece of equipment requires regular maintenance. In the medical sector even more than elsewhere. So a structured maintenance plan is far from a luxury. On the contrary.

Herstellingen medische apparatuur


Atirio is the certified service partner for several manufacturers and brands. Equipment you have repaired at Atirio will be returned with a comprehensive test report.

Detachering van medische techniekers


Our specialists are in their element in your biotechnology department. So we know what your specialists require: equipment that never lets them down.

inspectie van medische toestellen


Together with you, we take care of improving and monitoring the quality of care in your hospital. This way, you’re ready for an inspection at any time.

Over 15 years of experience in the medical sector

Maintenance and repair specialist 

As a specialist in (preventive) maintenance and repair of medical equipment in hospitals, Atirio guarantees

  • a team of certified, highly trained technicians,
  • senior technicians each with more than 10 years of practical experience in hospital bioengineering departments,,
  • equipped with A-brand testing and measuring equipment calibrated annually.

Service Partner

As an independent specialist, Atirio holds accreditation and certification from major medical equipment manufacturers.

It’s about people (and their lives)

Perfectly maintained medical equipment is part of the core mission of every hospital. It ensures your patients receive the best possible care, while allowing your medical staff to carry out their mission under the best conditions.

Your equipment always ready for inspection

Our annual maintenance contracts for large and small equipment keep you fully prepared for any (unexpected) visit from the inspection authorities. This also saves you a lot of unnecessary stress and wasted time inspecting your medical equipment.

Atirio is a Certified Service Partner of


The following hospitals, among others, put their trust in Atirio

What our customers say

AZ Sint-Elisabeth Zottegem

They know all the ins and outs

It’s abundantly clear that Atirio’s technicians have developed extensive experience in the workplace. And that makes a difference.

They know the specific requirements of working in a hospital, can clearly assess problems, and speak the specialist jargon of doctors and nursing staff. As a result, their services automatically go far beyond purely technical advice and repairs.

Ennio Leus

Medical technician

AZ Sint-Elisabeth Zottegem

ziekenhuis oost-limburg

Punctual and meticulous

Atirio is definitely one of our most reliable suppliers. Appointments are followed up punctually and we receive reports of every intervention within 48 hours.

If a repair cannot be carried out within the expected timeframe, for whatever reason, we are notified in good time and Atirio will propose an alternative solution for us.

Pascal Houben

Senior Teamleader Medical Technology



Highly reliable

The failure of our equipment could mean the difference between life or death. This is why Atirio has some of our equipment in a permanent backup mode.

They instantly provide any hospital in Flanders and Wallonia with assistance in case of an emergency. And that helps put our customers very much at ease.

Dirk Van Gael

CEO Euro-Scientific